American Medical Services specializes in helping surgery centers, healthcare facilities, hospitals, and labs maintain autoclaves and steam sterilizers.

Equipment Repair

Equipment reliability and accuracy is critical in healthcare, and so is uptime. Our equipment technicians receive extensive training to ensure the proper care and functioning of medical equipment. We provide equipment repair services in the operating room and central sterile service department. Service is provided on a parts and labor basis. Our technicians thoroughly test to standards, adjust, and make repairs to ensure proper and compliant equipment functionality. 

Preventive Maintenance

Your healthcare facility’s top priority is your patients. Our top priority? Ensuring you’re equipped with the best technology to serve your patients. Our technicians perform the necessary and vital equipment inspections necessary to meet regulations and, more importantly, to meet the needs of your patients. We test rigorously for performance and provide regular preventative maintenance to keep medical equipment true and effective. 

Installation / De-installation

Our factory-trained installers are capable of installing most models of sterilizers, surgical lights, equipment management systems, and instrument washers. We’re practiced at coordinating schedules with facilities to perform all installations at appropriate times and with the least disruption to staff and patients. 

We also offer de-installation services. We remove unused equipment and handle all decommissioning and disposal. For removal requests of functional equipment, our sales team is happy to discuss taking on quality equipment. 

Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning

Deposits and buildup on chamber walls negatively impacts the life and efficiency of your autoclave. That’s why manufacturers recommend regular cleaning—so your sterilization equipment can continue to do its job. We dismantle, inspect, test, and replace chamber components, and then re-test to ensure OEM operation.