Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning

Why Clean Your Sterilizer?

Sterilizer chamber cleanings are imperative to ensure optimal performace, and prevent the risk of surgical site infections. Sterilizer chambers are subject to build-up of surface contamination from detergents, wrapper chemicals, boiler chemicals, oxidation, stickers and autoclave tape. As a result this can cause sterilizers to become less efficient and the need to re-sterilize instruments arises.

With increased regulatory guidelines by agencies such as the CDC, JCAHO, FDA, DPH, and AAMI, more attention is being paid to sterilizer effectiveness. Our chamber cleaning process is quick, clean, and non-invasive. Call us today to schedule your sterilizer chamber cleaning!!

Benefits of Chamber Cleanings

Increases heating and drying efficiency

Reduces occurrence of wet packs

Preserves the integrity of metal surfaces

Helps meet requirements set forth by The Joint Commission

Promotes efficient heating within the chamber walls

Improves sterilizer chamber aesthetics and extends useful life

Can eliminate unnecessary downtime and chargeable service calls.